[21] His winning streak came to an end with a decision loss to Remy Bonjasky in the quarter finals. Hari got his opportunity for revenge in November 2005 when he entered the K-1 World Grand Prix 2005 tournament as a reserve fighter against Leko, and made his K-1 World GP debut at the age of 20. Fight was for K-1 World Grand Prix 2009 title. From then on Hari has represented Morocco and stopped working with Harinck. When the referee did not respond, Hari and his corner men caused a commotion and refused to leave the ring until they were escorted out by K-1 officials. [91], On 21 February 2014 the district court in Amsterdam sentenced him to prison for ​1.mw-parser-output .sr-only{border:0;clip:rect(0,0,0,0);height:1px;margin:-1px;overflow:hidden;padding:0;position:absolute;width:1px;white-space:nowrap} 1⁄2 years. [89] After Hari's release he resumed training with the intention of returning to the ring. [35] In April Hari defeated Alexey Ignashov in the K-1 World Grand Prix 2010 in Yokohama. Hari was issued a red card and Bonjasky was declared the K-1 World GP 2008 champion. Il suddetto evento è stato soggetto a diversi posticipi e, sfortunatamente, lo sarà nuovamente. Consegna rapida, risparmio garantito e scorte permanenti. Hari stated that he would compete in the 2011 K-1 World Grand Prix in October and December, and then face Gökhan Saki in the Netherlands on 28 January 2012 as his final match. [45], After being released from detention, Hari was given the chance to fight in the K-1 World Grand Prix 2012 Final in Zagreb, Croatia, on 15 March 2013 when Ben Edwards withdrew. He faced returning legend Remy Bonjasky at Glory 2: Brussels on October 6, 2012 in Brussels, Belgium. In September 2007 at the K-1 World GP 2007 Final Elimination, Hari beat the K-1 World GP 2007 in Las Vegas tournament champion, Doug Viney, by a second-round KO and qualified for his first K-1 World GP Final, held on 8 December in Yokohama, Japan. [89] By this point the main witnesses in the case had been heard; and the court deemed it unnecessary to further detain Hari. Badr Hari, leggenda marocchina della kickboxing, è tornato a parlare a quasi un mese dal suo ritorno sul ring di GLORY il prossimo 7 Novembre. Learn how and when to remove this template message, K-1 World Grand Prix 2006 Final Elimination, Glory Heavyweight Championship Eliminator, K-1 World MAX 2012 World Championship Tournament Final 16, Fights at the Border presents: It's Showtime 2009, K-1 World Grand Prix 2008 in Seoul Final 16, K-1 World Grand Prix 2006 in Osaka Opening Round, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0bHZl3yC1nw, "Badr Hari Wants to Become the K-1 World Grand Prix Champion! Consegna rapida, risparmio garantito e scorte permanenti. [98], Hari failed a drug test prior to Glory 51: Rotterdam, and was issued with a 19-month suspension after tests on samples provided indicated a violation of Netherlands rules regarding prohibited substances for competitive athletes. Cover Microsoft Badr Hari Boxe per proteggere il tuo cellulare. Hari won the first round, but had to stop the fight in the second round due to an injury. results : Badr Hari vs. Alistair Overeem", "Badr wins dramatically!! [71] Hari lost the fight by KO in the third round after being kicked by Adegbuyi. Acquistare cimeli firmati da Badr Hari - guantoni da boxe firmati e gli oggetti da collezione vengono accompagnati da un certificato di autenticità (COA) Hari fought against Peter Graham, whose turning kick had broken his jaw in 2006, at the K-1 World Grand Prix 2007 in Hong Kong. La kickboxing è nata in Giappone negli anni sessanta.In quel periodo le uniche forme di combattimento a contatto pieno erano il full contact karate, il muay thai thailandese, il Sambo russo, la savate francese, il taekwondo coreano, il karate contact ed il sanda cinese.. [75], Hari has been arrested multiple times since 2006 on various assault charges,[76] and gained a reputation for violent behavior. [17] Hari then fought Nicholas Pettas at the K-1 Premium 2006 Dynamite!! Hari, who tried to publicly address the audience after his defeat, was booed so loudly that no one could make out his words. Badr ٩ "Non Officiel" In January 2005, Hari left Chakuriki Gym and joined Simon Rutz's It's Showtime team. [10], Badr Hari was born and raised in Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands. Although he seemed lucid, he stayed on his knees and did not beat the count. Ghiță had lost a decision against Gerges earlier in the year, but many felt he had been robbed and viewed him as a tough opponent for Hari.[40]. Una terza possibilità per Zabit Samedov di sfidare Hari si materializzerà appena due mesi dopo nella città di Mosca, in Russia, in occasione del Legend Fighting Show. Hari started trash talk between him and Leko before being knocked out by Leko's spinning back kick. [15] Hari knocked out Leko by a spinning back high kick to the jaw at 1:30 in the second round.[16]. The bout between former heavyweight kickboxing champions will take place on December 19 on a card expected to be GLORY 76 on the GLORY’s “Kickboxing Fight” at a currently undisclosed studio.. Heavyweight kickboxing champion Badr ‘Monster’ Hari and contender Benjamin Adegbuyi (Benny) are in negotiations for a fight this year on FITE TV. [93] The Court of Appeal found him guilty of aggravated assault, noting in particular that each of his assaults was preceded by a relatively mild quarrel and that to his victims his violent behaviour came as a complete surprise, leaving them no chance to defend themselves. A year later he fought against Alexey Ignashov at the Johan Cruijf Arena, the biggest soccer stadium in the Netherlands. He defeated Saki by scoring three knockdowns in the first round before the referee stopped the fight, which earned him a TKO victory. event and broke Pettas' left shoulder in the second round with a right high kick.[18]. Hari fought Karaev again at the K-1 World GP 2007 in Yokohama. Badr Hari vs Benjamin Adegbuyi: il main event ha decretato il prossimo contendente al titolo mondiale dei pesi massimi della GLORY Kickboxing GLORY 76 è stato archiviato con successo e ha segnato il ritorno dell’omonima promotion dopo mesi di pausa dovuti alla pandemia di COVID-19.   Draw/No contest [73], Hari is married to Daphne Romani and has four daughters and a son. Hari's first fight was on 27 May 2012 in Madrid, Spain, against Anderson Silva. After a close three rounds, the bout was called a draw and went into an extension round. Hari walked over to Bonjasky's corner and quarreled with his opponent's trainer, Ivan Hippolyte, who also approached Hari aggressively, but officials prevented any further physical contact between them. [8] Nicknamed The Golden Boy, he is regarded as one of the greatest professional kickboxers of all time. When the Sitan Gym moved to Rotterdam, he joined Chakuriki Gym, run by Thom Harinck. This page was last edited on 5 February 2021, at 15:12. [43][44], In April 2012, K-1 Global President Mike Kim announced that Hari would make his comeback under the organization's banner. [31] After the match, Hari commented that this would be the last time he would participate in the Dynamite!! Badr Hari tutta la vita CroCop ... Nella boxe invece verrebbe presentato come “l’uomo più forte del mondo” garantendosi una carriera longeva e ricca oltre che una fama per adesso non possibile nell’MMA. [22] After the five-minute recovery time elapsed, the doctor reported Bonjasky was seeing double and could not continue. Fight was for K-1 World Grand Prix 2008 title. Wins the GFC Fight Series 1 Heavyweight Tournament. [9], Hari was officially praised by the King of Morocco, Mohammed VI, in 2009, for his accomplishments in the sport. [55][56][57], Hari was expected to fight Ismael Londt at the A1 World Combat Cup in Eindhoven, Netherlands, on 17 May 2014,[58] but the match was cancelled when the promoters had issues acquiring a license to promote the event. Il main event sarà la sfida tra Badr Hari (106-14-0) e Benjamin Adegbuyi (34-6-0), mentre l’incontro che lo precederà sarà quello valevole per il GLORY Welterweight Championship. [37], The It's Showtime 2010 Amsterdam event took place at the Amsterdam Arena in May 2010. Hari faced Gökhan Saki at It's Showtime 2012 in Leeuwarden on 28 January 2012. 414 likes. He won the first round, but he injured his arm in the second round. [...] There just is a certain aggression inside of me, of which I don't know what to do with and neither where it comes from. [90] His trial was reportedly set to take place in March 2013. Both his audience and the fighters themselves were very upset with the result and he quickly promised the audience a rematch. Così, il 28 gennaio 2012 a Leeuwarden nei Paesi Bassi, nell’ ambito di un prossimo evento IT'S SHOWTIME, Badr HARI disputerà il suo ultimo incontro di Kick Boxing. Glory. Consegna rapida, risparmio garantito e scorte permanenti. Hari beat Karaev in the second round. 2008. What was expected to be a warm up fight for Hari turned into a one-sided fight, as Hari won by TKO in round one with three quick knockdowns. '", "K-1 2008 Dynamite!! Hari had a rematch against Zabit Samedov in the quarter-finals,[46] and he scored a knockdown early in round one and forced a standing eight count in three. Badr Hari (106-14-0) doveva tornare a GLORY 76 per affrontare Benjamin Adegbuyi (34-6-0) nel main event. [99][100][101], Legend: .mw-parser-output .legend{page-break-inside:avoid;break-inside:avoid-column}.mw-parser-output .legend-color{display:inline-block;min-width:1.25em;height:1.25em;line-height:1.25;margin:1px 0;text-align:center;border:1px solid black;background-color:transparent;color:black}.mw-parser-output .legend-text{}  Win Badr Hari to be stripped of K-1 title, suspended indefinitely? [78] About his violent eruptions, Hari has said: "I am able to explode at any moment. The fight never happened. GLORY 76: streaming e dove vederlo. Badr Hari (Berber: ⴱⴰⴷⵔ ⵀⴰⵔⵉ, Arabic: بدر هاري ‎; born 8 December 1984) is a Moroccan-Dutch kickboxer from Amsterdam, fighting out of Morocco.He is a former K-1 Heavyweight champion (2007–2008), It's Showtime Heavyweight world champion (2009–2010), and a K-1 World Grand Prix 2008 and 2009 finalist. [27] However, he received the most severe punishment in the history of K-1:[28] he was stripped of his heavyweight title, his runner-up title in the tournament, his prize money from the tournament and the full amount of his fee for participation in the tournament. Before the match, he claimed in a press interview that his opponent at the event was originally planned to be Bonjasky, who refused to fight Hari, stating Bonjasky was afraid to lose. Questo significa che sarebbe lieto di ricevere correzioni, consigli ecc. [96] Hari himself refuted the reports. [67], On 21 December 2019, Hari met Verhoeven again in the Gelredome stadium in the Netherlands. [63] The following day he denied ever making such a statement and disavowed his "official" Facebook account. [87][88], On 21 January 2013 a court in Amsterdam determined that Hari should again be released from his pre-trial detention, this time with the condition that he could not visit catering establishments between the hours of 8:00 PM and 8:00 AM. [47][48], A third fight with Samedov took place at the Legend Fighting Show in Moscow, Russia, on 25 May 2013. Ghiță had been ranked as one of the best five kickboxers in the world. Nel 2013 Hari viene rilasciato in libertà, e si guadagna subito l'occasione di partecipare al torneo ad eliminazione K-1 World Grand Prix 2012 Final a Zagabria, in Croazia, chiamato a sostituire il lottatore Ben Edwards. [36] The fight went to decision, and it was Hari's first non-knockout win in three years. [68], On 19 December 2020, Hari fought the #2 ranked heavyweight contender in the world, Benjamin Adegbuyi, for the Glory Heavyweight Championship Eliminator at Glory 76. Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page. [69][70] On 13 September, Glory announced the event would take place on 7 November[citation needed] only for it be postponed again, when Hari announced that he tested positive for COVID-19 on 19 October. Spits, Nieuws & Entertainment, Newspaper, Page 3, Thursday 23 January 2014. [24] At a press conference before the K-1 World Grand Prix 2009 in Yokohama, Alistair Overeem handed Bonjasky a statue which looked exactly like an Oscar Statuette. He knocked out Karaev and Overeem in each bout's first round, before losing in a rematch against Schilt by KO after being knocked down three times in the first round. Cover Alcatel Badr Hari Boxe per proteggere il tuo cellulare. Crimes of violence include: In July 2012 Hari surrendered to police as he feared "being arrested by a SWAT team"[86] to come forth and deny his involvement in an alleged assault on Everink, who claimed Hari was responsible for inflicting his face and leg injuries including a broken ankle,[86] and further allegations of assault made by an Amsterdam nightclub owner. : December 31 Alistair declares war on Badr Hari 'Fight me in MMA the next time! Hari won the fight by unanimous decision, but a year after the fight it was revealed that both fighters had used sports supplements that contained prohibited substances; as a result, both fighters were suspended. Hari took the fight on short notice and lost, but won respect from the crowd and Ignashov for his display of heart.[13]. [64], Hari was expected to fight Patrice Quarteron at GFC Series 2 in Dubai on 16 October 2014, but refused the fight and fought Arnold Oborotov instead, saying Quarteron did not behave sportingly. [12], At the age of seven, Hari was sent by his father to the kickboxing gym to learn how to defend himself from bullies in the neighborhood. Jeroen suffers serious damage to his teeth due to a kick to the head. GLORY Heavyweight Championship Eliminator Match: Badr Hari vs Benjamin Adegbuyi. Verhoeven vs. Hari The 10 December 2016 bout against former world champion Badr Hari at GLORY Collision in Oberhausen , Germany, was considered a watershed moment for Verhoeven's career, with Hari being a very entertaining, albeit controversial fighter, who had been a dominant force in the kickboxing community, while also being taller (1.98 to 1.96 cm) with a reach advantage over Verhoeven. [13], At the age of 18 he already had 36 fights[14][better source needed] on his record and was ready to fight at a professional level. In addition, he had to pay his victims compensation of €45,000 in total,[94] and the judgement was upheld by the Supreme Court of the Netherlands in 2017. NatSuKao ha detto: 13 Febbraio 2012 alle 3:38 pm. "[79] At his conviction on 21 February 2014, the district attorney described Hari as an individual who is very short-tempered, indulges in vulgar power display, and demonstrates aggressive and intimidating behavior which is characterized by a high "do-you-even-know-who-I-am caliber".[78]. Gerges, who faced Hari at the event, was also issued with an official reprimand. Cover Bouygues Telecom Badr Hari Boxe per proteggere il tuo cellulare. Hari's Showtime title was again on the line against his former Chakuriki fellow Hesdy Gerges in Amsterdam in May. [41] He returned to the ring at It's Showtime 2011 Lyon against French kickboxer Gregory Tony. Badr Hari[3] (Berber: ⴱⴰⴷⵔ ⵀⴰⵔⵉ, Arabic: بدر هاري‎; born 8 December 1984)[4] is a Moroccan-Dutch[5] kickboxer from Amsterdam, fighting out of Morocco. Il PPV non potrà visto in TV, bensì sulle piattaforme streaming indicate e può essere acquistato al prezzo di €12.99. [42] However, the K-1 World Grand Prix was cancelled due to financial difficulties. [45] The latter alleged that he had also been attacked by Hari, saying that he "suffered a broken jaw and lost teeth after being kicked in the head" during an altercation at his nightclub and that in light of Everink's seeking to press charges, he would do the same. Fighting out of friends. In the semi final he knocked out Errol Zimmerman and advanced to his first K-1 Final against Remy Bonjasky. As a teenager, he trained at the Sitan Gym of Mohammed Aït Hassou. Later changed to a No Contest after both fighters tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs. He won the fight by unanimous decision. His first fight in 2010 was at the It's Showtime 2010 Prague in the Czech Republic, where Hari defended his Showtime heavyweight title with a second-round knockout over Mourad Bouzidi. [97], In 2007, Hari released a hip-hop song with Dutch-Moroccan rapper Appa entitled "Stap Maar In De Ring" ("Step Into The Ring"). [88] As a result, Hari was arrested again by police in Amsterdam and was sentenced to be detained again, this time for three months, with his eventual release in January 2013. Secondo il sito ufficiale dell' organisazione olandese « IT'S SHOWTIME », Badr HARI si ritirebbe dal Kick Boxing per consacrarsi ad una carriera nel pugilato negli Stati Uniti. Badr Hari vs Zabit Samedov I K-1 World Grand Prix 2009 Final 16 Hari left in anger and trashed his changing room. Their matchup was one of two bouts to qualify for the first K-1 heavyweight title match, scheduled on 28 April 2007 in Hawaii. [50][51][52][53][54], Hari had his rubber match[definition needed] with Ignashov at Legend Fighting Show 2 in Moscow on 9 November 2013, taking a unanimous decision win. Traduzione di “Badr Hari” Francese → Italiano, testi di La Fouine. He won by unanimous decision, but injured his foot in the bout and was forced to forfeit the tournament. ", http://www.badr84hari.com/fighting-career, "November 19, K-1 World GP 2005 in Tokyo Finals results", "K-1 World GP 2006 in Tokyo : Finals, Bout 9 : Superfight, Badr Hari vs. Paul Slowinski", "K-1 Premium 2006 Dynamite!! In his teenage years he worked with the Harinck at Chakuriki Gym and he started to become well known on the Amsterdam scene. Badr Hari Boxe K.0Aimez et Laisser un petit commentaire svp :) [19] He dropped Graham with a body punch and won by unanimous decision. Questa pagina è stata modificata per l'ultima volta il 26 mar 2020 alle 05:30. Sportsnavi's news article, 17 December 2008, "FEG announces penalties against Badr Hari (official statement)", "Dynamite!! [23], In later interviews Hari claimed Bonjasky was acting, and that "Remy's corner was screaming at him to stay down". L'incontro con Zabit Samedov, valido per i quarti di finale, rappresenta in realtà un rematch essendosi i due già sfidati nel 2009, e come allora Hari ne esce vincitore, stavolta per decisione unanime, rimediando però una frattura al piede che lo costringerà ad abbandonare prematuramente il torneo. The fight was originally planned to take place on 20 June, but was postponed multiple times due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 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