From Shkoder, it’s no more than an hour of driving to Ulcinj, a quick hop over the Montenegrin border. Head south, Skirting Mavrovo National Park, to reach Lake Ohrid. When arriving in Prizren, take at least one day to explore Kosovo’s most picturesque city. After exploring Brda, we drove down to Predjama to experience the stunning castle built in the mouth of a cave. You can get there by bus route 10 or by ferry boat from the old port in town. While I usually make the drive there and return in one day, you can also choose to stretch this out into a two-day or three-day day road trip if you don’t want to tackle that much driving in one day. There are wonderful cafes and restaurants to enjoy, candy-coloured architecture everywhere you look, and the gorgeous Petrovaradin Fortress which is definitely a can’t-miss. Your Balkans road trip itinerary conveniently begins and ends in Dubrovnik – you’re welcome Dubrovnik is one of the most famous cities in Europe and pretty much like a fairytale in real life. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Today you will do a day trip from Ljubljana to some GORGEOUS lakes in the Slovenian countryside. Five days are enough to see it all. Put on your swim suit for a brief stop at some gorgeous waterfalls (and a castle) on the way out of the country and into Montenegro. The contrast between western Croatia and eastern Bosnia is really palpable here. We went to Restaurant city (on google maps as ‘grad’) on my most recent trip, and it was fairly good and very central. Budva is another (you guessed it) walled coastal town. I’m also a bona-fide festival fiend, so you’ll find tips and in-depth guides to festivals all over the world. Join our 6-day Balkan Road Trip while we explore the incredibly diverse Slovenia and its hidden gems in a caravan of retro VW busses. By far, the best experience is wild camping on the coast of Albania. Spend the evening in Kazanlak and visit the famous Thracian Tomb (another UNESCO World Heritage Site) the next morning. The 5th largest city in Bulgaria on the bank of Danube river and only 92 km south of Bucharest. Now you have a full day to explore Mostar! Calculate at least three days. For a sit-down meal, try Bruschetta (delicious higher-end restaurant) or Restaurant Kastel. This site is full of comprehensive travel tips and ridiculous stories by a twenty-something tour guide with a bad case of fomo. When I had that job I was able to familiarize myself a LOT with the country and those that surround it. Some of the best beaches are located at Vlores, Himare and Dhermi. It’s located at the foot of Triglav National Park, so the views are absolutely stunning. ) and have a bit of an explore and dinner before retiring for the night. If you are on a bit of a budget or looking for adventure, you can also travel this region amazingly well with a camper van. There is an old bazaar area that will transport you to the heart of any Islamic country, if the sound of the central mosque’s call to prayer hasn’t done so already. Places like Dubrovnik are especially crowded, with cruise ship passengers taking over the entire old town when they descend upon the poor unsuspecting thing like a cheetah pouncing on its prey. Visit Discover Cars and plug in your dates to see what’s available, my top tips for a successful road trip in Montenegro. Currency Change: They use the euro in Slovenia. On day four, you can visit the wooden churches of Maramures and stop in Sighetu Marmatiei. One of the best ways to discover the beauty of Kosovo is by doing a road trip through the county. This former Monument House of the Bulgarian Communist Party sits atop a mountain and is only truly accessible by car. If you’re planning a road trip through the Balkans, don’t discount Serbia! Recommended by Rohan and Max, Travels of a Bookpacker. If not, Gaga Bar has great cocktails, and Charlie’s Bar is a great backpacker bar. Take a tour or day trip drive to Theth, a tiny mountain village surrounded by impressive jagged mountains. At Night: Hvar is known for having the best nightlife in southern Croatia. If you’re planning a road trip in the Balkans this is the guide for you. Beware of vignettes (taxes) on your Balkans road trip. Though Rovinj can get very crowded in the summer months, it still retains its charm and is very much worth exploring. Vogel Cable Car. The nature is a mix of Switzerland and Norway. Required fields are marked *. Here are my best options for all budgets: Today you will fly in and get yourself situated; that’s pretty much it! one of the most stunning mosques in the Balkans region. There are so many amazing spots to pull up with your campervan (or tent at some of them) and enjoy beach views from your back door. It’s also the gateway to the jaw-dropping Rugova Valley, a heaven for outdoor sports lovers. Lastly, drive up to Bled Castle for sunset (we’ve done enough physical activity today!) They are based in Slovenia but deliver the vans to Croatia as well, which would fit in with this itinerary! This border sometimes takes a little while, and you must make sure you have your car registration (and passports of course) ready to show at the border. Recommended by Stephanie, Sofia Adventures. All Rights Reserved. restaurants, and friendly locals. Stop off for a swim, lunch, and maybe a bit of shopping! At Night: I assume you’re very tired, so you might want to spend this night in! Mountains, lakes, dynamic cities, UNESCO sites and some of the best beaches in Europe – all for a fraction of the cost, and with a fraction of the crowds. You can visit Postojna caves and Predjama castle together as they are right next to each other, if you’d like a bit of extra adventure before getting to Ljubljana. The ride only lasts a little over an hour, but you’ll already get fantastic views. One side is all done up and preserved with glass, but the rest are more authentic ruins crumbling at the edges. There are guest houses, hotels and even a few hostels in most beach towns. This will give you an idea of the extent of the Slovenian Alps right away. Here’s how to travel to Bled from Ljubljana by bus. There are tons of trails surrounding it. Instead, we drove another hour to check out Peles Castle, which is considered to be one of the most stunning castles in Europe. Then you can drive around the various bays and beaches around Ksamil. Famous for looking like a Communist UFO, give yourself time to get out and walk around the site. We started and ended near the Italian border to take advantage of affordable flights into Venice. Road-trip à travers les Balkans : LE BUDGET. It’s inside the fortress walls of old town and is really incredible, decked out with amazing (loud) speakers, dancers, aerialists, and more. Discover Cars lets you filter by the exact features you need (for example, transmission type), and offers a full range of price and date options so you can find the best value for money. While Western Serbia is full of beautiful natural wonders like the Drina River and Tara National Park, this road trip in Serbia focuses on four important Serbian cities that are all easily connected by the best highway in the country, making it an easy route. Landing in Sofia and wanting to hit Macedonia, Kosovo, Albania, Serbia, Montenegro, and Bosnia & Herzegovina. This route is different from everywhere else I have driven and one of the most beautiful trips I’ve ever done. Airbnb – The Villa Secret Gardens for bigger groups (I stayed here and loved it) or Downtown Vintage Room for central/smaller, Hotel – Muslibegovic House (historic + upscale) or Shangri La Mansion (central). When you’ve had your fill, the drive to Mostar from Makarska is less than 2 hours. I expertly crafted this Balkan travel itinerary according to my group’s pace and needs, using my four years worth of knowledge from the Balkans and a wee bit of research. When I arrived in the Balkans and realised that it wasn’t so easy, I decided to rent a car instead. The Italian influence, felt from just across the sea, is evident in the availability of great pizza and gelato. and enjoy the surroundings. I like writing them but have been trying to wait, to allow time to accumulate more stories and anecdotes so I don’t bore you, lovely reader, with comments like, we’re having fun, we’ve driven a lot, blah, blah, blah. I have a complete travel guide to Mostar, too! You might want to sleep in today, adventurers, you’ve done well and moved fast thus far if you’ve followed this Balkans road trip Itinerary exactly. First and foremost, make sure that your car has the proper insurance so you are able to cross the border. Before you leave: Korčula: Today you’ll wake up in Korčula and take the time to go have breakfast on the eastern shore of town, where there are loads of restaurants in the shade of trees overlooking the water. If you’re from California/Mexico you may not enjoy this Mexican food as much, but if you have been traveling and could use a Mexican fix, this food is really good. Slovenia would be a great place to extend your trip for a few days. Hostel: Old Town Hostel West Wing – one of my favorites. Otherwise, the drive back to Sofia will be beautiful, but possibly tiring. I did this once a few years back. After Prizren, it’s time to drive to Peja in the northern part of Kosovo. Your email address will not be published. After dinner I recommend getting ready and hitting up a few bars around 8-9pm, if that’s your thing. On the next day, continue via the Rock-Hewn Churches of Ivanovo (a UNESCO Site) and Nikopolis ad Istrum (an ancient Roman city) to Veliko Tarnovo. The bridge was destroyed during the war in Jugoslavia and re-built in 2004. This country is clean, beautiful, green, and simply stunning. The South of Albania has become quite popular in recent years – and for good reason. by Robert Reid Posted on 14 October 2016 Because its distances are short, and trains so good, it’s easy to overlook how great a road trip … Finally, head up to Vojvodina, an autonomous region of Serbia which used to be part of the Austro-Hungarian empire. We know it's a short amount of time to hit a lot of spots, but it's a road trip, so we're planning to be on the road daily anywhere from 2-5 hours per day. Hvar is another stunning island known for its nightlife. Recommended by Coni, Experiencing the Globe. I always use Skyscanner to compare fares from all flight providers to find the best deals. Now – head to the final stop of your Balkans road trip – Budva, Montenegro! You’ll notice millions of pomegranate trees in the town – this area is known for them! A few years ago, I became infatuated by travelling by train in Europe. Kosovo is a tiny country that should not be skipped on any Balkan road trip because of how culturally and historically unique it is. More Transylvania goodness: My guide to the handsome walled city of Sighisoara. Now, you will spend the next few hours exploring one of Croatia’s most beautiful and famous national parks, spotting fish in clear blue water, and marveling at waterfalls. I’d suggest checking out what’s on in the town, too. We got in quite late, and spent the evening wandering through the beautifully lit streets and eating a delicious meal at Veritas, one of my favorite restaurants I’ve been to dozens of times. The beautiful mountains of Bucegi Natural Park still had lots of snow. Love road trips? As Loutro can only be reached by boat, it is relatively unexplored, meaning you can have a relaxing few days here away from the crowds. From Split, you can add on a few day  trips. If you’re doing Airbnb, definitely get one inside the walls. Recommended by Erika, Erika’s Travelventures. Follow the map route for the best self-guided views in Plitvice Lakes National Park, bring your camera, and prepare for a bit of walking! Including answers to all your Balkans road trip questions like how long do you need and how much does it cost to travel in the Balkans. You will spend the next days  visiting the Preveli Monastery, Margarites Village (known for its pottery) and Argyroupoli, the town that was once Ancient Lappa. Driving from Berat to Skopje via Kosovo in one day would be a hell of a trip even if you can make it in one day. Start your drive from the capital, Tirana, and head straight out to the beach town of Durres. Yet, a quick research brought me to the Savica Waterfalls near the lakes Bohinj and Bled. It normally doesn’t have a very good reputation (compared to the beautiful coastline) but it’s worth spending at least one night in Zagreb. road trip balkan Če je vsaj malo Balkanca v tebi potem zagotovo moraš narediti road trip po Balkanu. For this part of the Balkans road trip, I’m going to give you a couple options.