This door lock type is the most common front door lock — for good reason. Then, look no further! There are plenty of other door locks and many fall within the five categories of knobs, deadbolts, cam locks, padlocks and mortise locks. You will usually find a multipoint lock with a Euro cylinder on most uPVC doors. In some cases, you can replace a damaged cylinder. To read our guide on British Standard Locks click here. Nonconnected dead bolt: These conventional models are often single-cylinder locks that sit 6 to 12 inches above a keyed entry. They’re also often one of the kinds to grace the front door, in combination with a deadbolt or other, more secure, lock. Some of the types of indoor door locks are described below. Paneled Door Type source: houzz. Most smart locks still have a keyhole included so that you can use it when you come home, rather than unlocking the door via a connected app. Several of the locks will also provide a combination of technologies, providing you with a couple keyless options to unlock the door in the event you lost your key or forgot the pin code. The most popular type of lock for oven doors is a no-drill lock with two adhesive pieces, one detached and one attached to the locking piece. A 5 lever mortice deadlock conforming to BS3621 will have the British Standard Kitemark engraved on the faceplate of the lock and operates the same way as a Standard 5 lever mortice deadlock. Find Out Here, 40 Ingenious Diagrams for Your Home and Garden Projects (Infographics), Parts of a Lamp (Table and Floor Lamp Diagram), diagrams showcasing the different parts of a door, frame, knob and hinge here, Imperfect Zero Waste Practices (30 Tasks You Can Do Every Day!). Any five-lever mortice deadlock that is NOT BS3621 approved will usually have a Nightlatch fitted as additional security. Deadbolts use a metal bolt that slides into the door jam. Grade 1 is the highest. Door locks are available in many different shapes and styles to suite a wide range of door materials and security requirements. Internal and external use See our different types of door knobs and place your order today. They provide just enough security to keep others out, but without the safety level needed for outside doors. Even a slightly misshapen key will result in the cylinder keeping the lock from unlocking. Smart locks are the newest breed of door locks to enter the scene. These locking mechanisms, however, can be built into doors and can be paired with different handle types. The cylinder locks are fitted on to the sliding door’s end. Door handing refers to the way in which your door opens. A lock that is fitted into the edge of a door is known as a mortice lock, with only the forend visible, these are fitted into a pocket cut into the edge known as the mortice. Types of Residential Door Locks Yep, these are the standard deadbolt and door knobs/levers. The most common type is the inner-door lock, which attaches to the top of the inner part of the cabinet and hooks into a piece you install on the door, or vice versa. Entry door locks are an essential element of home security. These types of locks use two interlocking vertical bolts that fall into a strike plate when the lock is engaged. This is the most commonly used commercial door lock developed by the locksmiths. Shop Door Knobs at Door Locks Direct. ; Lock (water navigation), a device for boats to transit between different levels of water Arts, entertainment, and media. The price of a 5 lever mortice deadlock is from £20, the price will vary dependant on the standard of mortice lock fitted and brand of door lock. A barrel bolt, also known as a sliding bolt, goes on the inside of the door to keep you safe when you’re in your home with your family. The box is the part of the door frame where the bolt latches. Euro Cylinder locks are prone to lock snapping though, please read our guide here on lock snapping. The mechanism is usually operated with a euro cylinder lock to which the key inserts. SS312 Diamond Euro cylinder fitted on Multipoint locking system | Image by Mul-T-Lock. If you want to learn more about door knob functions or shop the widest selection of door hardware, including handlesets, deadbolts, keyless locks, and door accessories, get started at Door Locks Direct. Internal doors – not as common as front doors. This door lock type is the most common front door lock — for good reason. Best Overall: Kwikset Juno Keyed Entry … Many electronic locks do have a combination key system, too, that you can use a regular key with if you forget your code or card key. Most of the time, spring bolt locks will lock on their own when you close the door, much like the type of lock you’d find on a hotel door. If you have only one lock on your door, you won’t need a lock spacing measurement. There are two primary styles of furniture lock, bolt style and push button style. Some of these will open a circuit to lock and ground a wire to unlock. These locks don’t provide as much security as others, so they’re not an ideal option for entry doors. A rim automatic deadlatch (nightlatch) is fitted on the inside of your door, with the key locking cylinder to insert your key to open the door located on the outside of the door. They may be less expensive, but you’ll likely have to replace them more often. Electronic locks are ones that don’t require keys to lock and unlock them. Below are the main types of door locks and hardware available. The first thing you should know is that a 5 lever Mortice Deadlock is NOT found on uPVC & composite doors, look out for the below: Number of 5 Levers stamped on Faceplate of Lock. Latest Posts. These are good options for additional security for people who may forget to lock the door behind them. A euro cylinder lock is found on the below door types: The advantages of having a euro cylinder as your door lock are: The only disadvantage of a euro cylinder lock on your door is: Make sure you fit a Euro cylinder that is either SS312 diamond approved or TS007 3 Star. You’ll typically see these locks on doors that don’t need high-level security, like shed and storage unit doors. With such a wide array of commercial door lock types on the market, this list is a good starting point, and it will help you gain your footing when it comes to choosing a commercial door lock type. Pecans: How to Candy, Toast, Spice, & Glaze them! Measuring the backset of a door determines if your lock will fit … The brand of lock you choose is a personal choice, we recommend any lock has been Independently tested meaning a lock has met minimum security and durability needs. We also recommend your door lock is independently tested (e.g British Standard) with the correct egress requirements followed. The box is usually a small, squarish hole designed to fit the bolt. The For extra security, we recommend the lock standard of any euro cylinder on a uPVC door is either an SS312 Diamond Approved Cylinder or TS007 3 Star. Parents use oven door locks to keep young children from pulling themselves up on the oven door, or opening it out of curiosity when it’s in use to prevent severe burns and injuries. These locks connect directly to your smartphone, so you don’t need any hub in between to make the connection. Door Type – A Wooden door will require a different lock compared to a uPVC or Composite door, as most wooden doors have TWO locks fitted. Electronic locks are not strictly a door handle type in the traditional sense. What Are the 10 Different Types of Door Locks? In other models, only the inside knob can lock or unlock both sides of the set. Find out about becoming an MLA approved locksmith with a listing on our website & full use of the MLA logo. Visit us today to experience the over pampered option for you to select. Doorknob lock is one of the most common bedroom door lock types. We have door lock types, door lock manufacturers and the best retailers of door locks in one place. There are two primary styles of furniture lock, bolt style and push button style. A deadbolt is one that you must lock yourself. These locks retail for anywhere from $30-$150 at home improvement stores, and they are available in a variety of styles and finishes to coordinate with your exterior’s design. These kinds of window and door types are most frequently supplied in your houses. You’ll usually find cam locks in filing cabinets, mailboxes, lockers, and low-security bank deposit boxes. The downfall of this connection is that, once you’re out of range, you can’t control your lock. A small lock grasps the detached button-like portion to lock and flips up to unlock the door. If the door is on a single exit dwelling (flat or apartment) then the lock should meet the requirement of BS 8621. Some smart locks can be a part of a full system of video and audio monitoring and other smart features that give you ultimate control over your home. Other types of door locks and handles include Jimmy Proof Deadbolts, Rim latch locks, Key in Knob (KIK) Cylinders, European locks, deposit box locks and switch locks, just to mention a few. Depending on the type of door lock, which we’ll get to in a moment, the parts may differ in looks and how they work. Whether you want high-security locks for the front door or some child-proof door locks for your appliances, you can find what you need at the following online retailers: This article may include references and links to products and services from one or more of our advertisers. Grade 2 offers mid-level security, while Grade 3 provides basic security. Multi-points locks are mostly found on UPVC and composite entrance doors, but can also be found on French and Patio door types. They picture everything that will go into it, from the big to the small and the top to the bottom. Building Type – A door lock on a flat or apartment (or a dwelling with a single exit) will have different escape requirements compared to a domestic house lock. Locks for front doors (and back doors for that matter) come in a range of different shapes and sizes - so to speak. Additionally, Grade 3 locks may not provide as much security for your home as Grade 2 or Grade 1 locks will. This piece is a simple, metal part that you can screw to the door frame and is the easiest part of a lock to replace if it becomes damaged. The main difference between these locks stems from the manner in which their circuitry operates the lock. Hand levers are an excellent choice for inside doors, like closets or basement doors. What a 5 Lever Mortice Deadlock looks like. Locked and unlocked from both sides with a key inserted in a rim cylinder. However, there are some factors to consider before investing in any brand of smart locks. Electronic door locks and keyless pad entry systems can now be installed into our own houses. Here are the different types of electronic lock systems. These locks aren’t attached to anything else but instead lock into themselves. You would need to check with your home insurer whether this type of lock is acceptable as some types of cylinder locks are vulnerable to a technique known as lock snapping. For prices of door lock types see our locksmith price list here. For prices see our locksmith price list here which has costs of locks & estimated locksmith charges for different types of locksmith work. Types of Door Locks. However, this lock type is not recommended as the main security system, such as for the main door. The Addalock Travel Door Lock is an easy way to instantly add to the security of any door lock. Common Types of Commercial Door Locks Cylindrical Lever Locks. The Best Smart Locks for 2020.